7 Top-related Video Merger Apps in 2022 – Create Perfect Content in Minutes

7 Top-related Video Merger Apps in 2022

Everything from TikTok to Instagram Stories, from Instagram Stories to TikTok YouTube Video, has undoubtedly become a vital tool for marketing your company. In fact, according to an independent study by Lemonlight, 94% of respondents claimed that watching videos assisted them in making a purchase choice at the very least.

A wide range of online video editor programs allows you to edit your video directly on your mobile device. To make it easier to pick the right tool for you, we’ve put together this list of 7 most effective video editing applications available for free or offer paid versions that add value and are user-friendly.

The 7 top video editing applications in 2022

1. Magisto

Magistro landing page

Price: Free for platforms like iOS, Android, Online

Video automation is available in Magisto, the Magisto Video Editor.

As part of the company Vimeo Magisto lets users create stunning videos without leaving their phones. It’s easy to use in three steps. You’ll first choose the style of editing you want to use (the kind of tale you’re trying to convey) and then select the videos and photos you’d like to include in the final step; you’ll choose the music you want to use from the library of music included in Magisto.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) this intelligent app can help you arrange your footage in the most effective way to communicate the message that you’ve got in your mind. Upgrade to Professional or Premium for a modest monthly cost and produce longer films with most of your content. Why should you stop with the free version?

2. Splice

Splice landing page

Ideal for combining several clips.

If you’re unfamiliar with editing video footage, Splice simplifies the process by providing a user-friendly interface. The tool allows you to join clips to create a unified video with various customizable transitions. Its built-in library of music makes creating music simple. Furthermore, Splice has excellent Apple Store ratings, implying that people find it useful.

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo landing page

FilmoraGo is an excellent option for video editing that combines other editing abilities in one powerful software. You can edit the videos by trimming their lengths, adding transition effects to the merged segment, or cutting videos into several clips. After changing the video settings, like aspect ratio and color, you can reverse the video to test.

In addition, you can effortlessly alter the speed of your video at various sections and add text effects filters, stickers, and text. Music and sound effects that are royalty-free are also available for use.

It is ideal for those looking for a comprehensive video editing program.

4. InShot

InShot landing page

Ideal for simple editing to Instagram Stories.

If you’re looking for a straightforward video editor that can create Instagram stories, InShot can be a complete program. Trimming your videos, altering how fast you play them, and applying filters are easy. It also allows you to rotate your footage, which is not a feature all editing applications offer. This app is a top choice for highly evaluated by users on Google Play.

5. WeVideo

WeVideo landing page

Price: Free Operating Systems: iOS, Android, Chrome OS.

The cloud-based software for editing video (i.e., the software you can access via browsers instead of downloading directly onto your computer) is becoming more well-known. One of the applications that are leading the way is WeVideo.

WeVideo provides advanced features and capabilities such as audio editing, an extensive library of licensed commercial music, and the ability to share videos with 4K resolution. But WeVideo’s free edition WeVideo does not come without limitations.

6. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is a user-friendly video merging application with a user-friendly interface and social capabilities for budding video makers. This tool is easy to use and has many essential features while offering certain advanced features like the chroma-keying feature and editing of pictures for those who wish to enhance the art of edits of videos to the highest level. The free application for combining videos comes with the bonus of not being able to add watermarks on exports!

7. Video Merger, Joiner, Trimmer

Video Merger, Joiner, Trimmer

With the Video Merger, Joiner, Trimmer application, it’s easy for users to merge multiple videos into one. The application allows users to combine videos horizontally, vertically, or sequentially. It will enable you to add videos in various formats such as VOB, MPEG, M4V MP4, FLV, MKV, and many more. You can transform the output format, too.

You can change the resolution and size of each video clip so that they make it a seamless video. It is possible to reduce or decrease the output video size to create storage space.


Video content is undoubtedly engaging, which is why it is the most popular social media. It used to be costly to record and edit video; now, all you require is an iPhone or app and interest in excitement.

So, grab your phone, download any editing programs, and then hit record. You never know when your business will be the next to create a sensational video.

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