5+ Free Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Following

5+ Free Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Following

Gaining followers is a grueling and time-consuming process. With all the companies using Instagram to promote their products, it’s possible to seem like there’s always that you can do to attract new followers and increase your followers. In recent decades, Instagram has become an essential part of every company’s strategies for using social media. And don’t worry, it’s not hard to understand the reasons behind this:

Instagram has opened its doors to incorporate more features suitable for businesses, like Business profiles, Stories, and advertisements, making it among the most used platforms that allow brands to flourish. It’s foolish to miss this chance to increase the brand’s reputation.

While innovative and social media marketing strategies can increase your brand recognition, you’ll need the right tools to help you achieve real growth. To assist you in creating an Instagram strategy that doesn’t break the bank, we have an extensive list of the top free Instagram applications to increase your followers.

1. Picsart (Android, iOS, Web)

Picsart landing pagePicsart, a video-cum photo editor, comes with cool templates that will give your photos a creative boost. Beautiful images are what your Instagram audience is looking for. Picsart has all the features you need to create stunning photos. Picsart has a great selection of effects and stickers (5 million), but you can also make your own.

You won’t have to pay for the application because it’s free to download, and you can start editing photos for Instagram immediately. Picsart Gold starts at $8 per month, and you can purchase additional assets in the app.

2. InVideo

InVideo landing pageInVideo has hundreds of story templates that make it easy to create engaging video stories within minutes. It’s clear why video stories are better than image-based stories. You can create a story video in minutes by simply choosing the template you prefer, replacing the stock media with your images and clips, changing the text, and you’re done.

Even if you don’t want to create from a template, you can choose the vertical aspect ratio and create a story from scratch. Film App to make or edit stories directly from your smartphone.

You can batch-create stories and then schedule them to be published later. The video editor allows us to create reports for our Instagram account.

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire landing pageCrowdfire allows users to manage multiple profiles on one platform using social media management tools. Crowdfire also offers a free way to increase your Instagram followers.

You can only manage one free account. Premium services allow you to manage up to 50 accounts across multiple social media sites.

The extension is compatible with Chrome browsers and allows you to share articles quickly. It also aids in content curation. Access to hashtag recommendations, social analytics data, and the ability to auto-tailor posts to best fit each social media platform.

Crowdfire will display a preview of the content on Instagram and other social media sites using customized posts. This allows you to check everything in place before posting the center to the Internet.

The image curation function is one of the best features of this tool. It will suggest images that you can share on Instagram. The creators have approved these images, so you don’t need to worry about copyright.

Crowdfire provides engagement metrics showing you how each post performed on your social media accounts. This data will help you develop strategies for Instagram that work best for your audience.

4. Buffer Stories Creator

Buffer landing pageBuffer’s Stories creator is an effective tool for creating high-quality and eye-catching Stories.

This interface is easy for those with little or no design experience. Upload the image you wish to use. You can also choose a solid background. You can upload the logo and other branding materials. You can then type your message in Buffer’s fonts, allowing you to move beyond Instagram’s limited options.

Buffer offers a few templates that will help you get started if you don’t have any ideas or are looking for inspiration.

5. Gleam (Web)

Gleam landing pageA popular way to quickly gain followers on Instagram is through contests. Create a giveaway post, and see how your audience responds to it. The winner is chosen, and the goodies are given away. But what next? How can you determine the success of a giveaway or contest?

Sparkle is the solution. You can create and track competitions. It tracks all user actions and gives you real-time information so that you can optimize your participation for the future. Imagine that you need a person to answer five questions to participate. Gleam will notify you if someone answers two questions but then leaves.

Gleam makes it easy to choose a winner by allowing you to import comments and filter them. However, imports are only possible for Instagram Business accounts.

You need to make valuable and engaging videos to engage your Instagram followers. You can use InVideo’s Instagram editor to do this quickly and easily. Your content quality will determine how successful your marketing efforts are.

6. ShortStack

ShortStack landing pageShortStack allows businesses to manage contests via social media, especially Instagram.

ShortStack’s ability to manage user-generated material (UGC) makes it stand out. ShortStack’s Feeds Tool collects posts that meet your hashtag and tagging requirements. This makes it easy to locate photos and videos that promote your brand rather than relying solely on Instagram’s algorithm.

The free program allows you to host unlimited contests and receive up to 20 entries. ShortStack also offers paid programs for those who want to collect more entries or use more advanced features.

Increase your Instagram followers

You can increase your Instagram followers and improve your online reputation with the right tools. It’s as easy as finding the right tools for your purpose. These tools are available to help you reach a wider audience.

An occasional viewer can become a loyal fan and spread your products via word-of-mouth.

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