Top 5 Languages For Mobile App Development

Mobile app development languages

We are past the days when mobile phone ownership was limited only to the so-called elite and financially competent segment of society. Everything has changed with technological progress over the past decade. Today, everyone has a smartphone, regardless of their age, social status or economic structure. This comprehensive ownership of mobile phones has led to an increased demand for efficient and fast mobile apps.

Creating applications with such high quality requires experienced mobile development specialists.

Top 5 Languages for Mobile App Development

Therefore, if you want to realize yourself in the software development industry as a mobile development specialist, which is certainly a promising career, then you should consider learning these top 5 mobile app development languages.

1. Dart

Dart is a new programming language that is becoming very popular every day. It is a scalable language that can be used for writing simple scripts or full-featured applications. The main developer of the language, Mark Miller, explains the need to create Dart by saying that JavaScript has “fundamental flaws” that can not be fixed in any way, while Dart has no corresponding problems.

When creating a language, programmers sought to make it:

  • similar to other programming languages, so that Dart can be quickly mastered;
  • structured and flexible for convenient web development;
  • fast-so that applications written in this programming language work quickly both in browsers and on smartphones

 2. JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) is a high-level programming language that supports imperative, functional, event-oriented and other approaches. Developing apps in JavaScript is easy because you need to code the app once and then release it on all the platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows).

Key features of JavaScript:

  • One of the easiest languages in the world.
  • Fast and productive.
  • JS is implemented on the client-side which implies it saves bandwidth by not using the server.

 3. Kotlin

Kotlin is a relatively young language from the Russian company JetBrains which appeared in 2011. At the Google I/O 2017 conference, the Android development team announced that Kotlin has received official support for developing Android apps. Kotlin has a clean syntax and simple code. It is compatible and versatile. It generates compact and clean code compared to Java. Therefore, it is the most popular language used for Android app development.

4. Swift

Swift is an incredibly powerful and simple programming language introduced by Apple in 2014, which opens up the possibility for many programmers to create apps for iOS, MacOS, Apple TV and Apple Watch. It is a modern programming language with a stable release version that is quite easy to learn, even if consider that it is your first language. It prevents a lot of errors at the compilation stage, speeds up the development process, and improves the quality of the code. One of the main features of Swift is that it is fully backward compatible with Objective-C. This allows you to gradually rewrite projects from one language to another, and also allows you to use the Objective-C functionality inside Swift itself.

5. Java

What is Java and where did it come from? It came to us from a long time ago. At first, the language was called Oak (“oak”), developed by the bearded Jameson Gosling for programming household electronic devices. In the future, the language received the name Java, which, according to one version, comes from the brand of elite coffee. Java is the most natural language for Android, since this operating system itself is partly written in Java, while it is based on the Linux kernel and its own version of the Java virtual machine developed by Google and fully compatible with the familiar JVM Oracle for Java developers.

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