Top PDF Widgets For Flutter

Top PDF widgets for Flutter

Flutter is UI software development kit, which allows you to create apps from a single shared codebase. Here you can create a full multi-pages document with graphics, images, and text using TrueType fonts. For creating the PDF documents from scratch, you need PDF Widgets. Now we will see the top PDF Widgets that can be useful for Flutter developers.

1. native_pdf_renderer

Native pdf renderer is a flutter plugin to represent PDF pages as images on Web, MacOS, Android and iOS.

2. syncfusion_flutter_pdf

The syncfusion flutter pdf library allows you to add different PDF functionalities to Flutter applications.

3. native_pdf_view

Native pdf view is a plugin to render PDF files on Web, MacOS, Android and iOS.

4. pdf_flutter

Pdf flutter displays pdf from Network, File and assets easily like we display Image in Flutter Widget.

5. flutter_full_pdf_viewer

Flutter full pdf viewer is a plugin to display PDF, which works for Android and iOS.

6. advance_pdf_viewer

Advance pdf viewer is designed for handling PDF files.

7. pdf_viewer_plugin

Pdf viewer plugin is for providing a simple way to display local file PDFs.

8. pdf_render

Pdf render is a plugin which provides you with intermediate PDF rendering APIs and simple to use Flutter widgets.

9. flutter_html_to_pdf

Flutter html to pdf is a plugin for generating PDF documents from HTML code samples.

10. read_pdf_text

Read pdf text plugin parses text out of PDF documents and gives it as a string.

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