Top 10 Loader Widgets For Flutter

Top 10 Loader Widgets for Flutter

A Flutter loader widget is generally a circle which spins over the circle and tells that something is actually getting loaded and it spins till the aim is executed. Nowadays, loaders play an important role in all apps, be it a mobile application or a web application. In this progressive environment, the data should load as quick as flash, because users will not wait for a long  time to see the application running. Meanwhile when the data takes a few seconds to load, then comes the actually role of the loader wherein it keeps spinning on the empty screen which tells the user that something is actually running on the back-end and will soon appear on the screen. Therefore it makes the user feel that the data is being loaded rather than looking at the empty screen until the data loads. So, let us consider the Top 10 Loader Widgets for Flutter, which will surely be useful for developers.

1. loader_overlay

Loader overlay widget simplifies screen management. When loading any asynchronous task, this widget prevents the user from interacting with the screen until the asynchronous task finishes.

2. skeleton_loader

Skeleton Loader is a Flutter Package which provides a fully customizable loading skeleton for your app.

3. flutter_overlay_loader

Flutter Overlay Loader is a Flutter pack with the help of which you can show overlay loader or progressbar for completing future task.

5. awesome_loader

Awesome Loader is a dart plugin for using some Awesome Loaders in your app.

6. easy_loader

Easy Loader is a fully customizable plugin, which provides you with the easiest way to handle a simple full screen loader in Flutter. It is written in Dart.

7. circular_custom_loader

Circular Custom Loader is a library for displaying the progress of tasks in your application.

8. stream_loader

Stream Loader is a Flutter plugin for loading content asynchronously with Dart stream.

9. easy_location_loader

Easy Location Loader custom assets loader for easy_location.

10. bottom_loader

Bottom Loader is a simple plugin which helps to display bottom loader using modal sheet.

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