Starlink Alternatives You Should Know About

Starlink Alternatives You Should Know About

In the world of the internet and its providers, Starlink stands for the most popular satellite internet provider available today. It is a broadband service that provides high-speed internet globally by using satellites. However, Starlink does not fit anyone equally, so if you are one of those in the need of an efficient Starlink alternative – keep reading this article. Although Starlink is the most popular one that still enjoys the highest scores on average, this article will discuss the platforms that not only can they be a great alternative, but also beat Starlink in some aspects of service delivery.


  • HughesNet

Perhaps the best Starlink alternative out there is HughesNet. Their rich offer that consists of different plans and speeds also comes with an option to connect multiple devices at once. It stands for an excellent service provider worth considering if you seek an alternative to Starlink. Imposing no hard data limits, HughesNet qualifies as one of the best Starlink alternatives nowadays. The best ratings for HughesNet root in its consistency when it comes to providing internet via satellite in all remote areas. It is important to note that the speed might vary depending on location.

  • Viasat

Worldwide known Canadian satellite internet provider that built its reputation on high-speed internet access covering rural and remote areas. They also have different plans, speeds, and data allowances in the offer. Note that Viasat has Wi-Fi hotspots in some locations that allow users to get online anywhere where there is mobile phone service accessible. The clients confirm that decent speeds are offered considering that it comes from a satellite provider, but when it comes to data allowances – it is better than its competition.

  • Google Fiber

Don’t be surprised that you found Google Fiber on the list of the best Starlink alternatives you should know about. What it offers is very fast internet access for customers delivered through optic cable networks. Although America is covered with fiber optic cable networks, Google Fiber is not available in some areas.

  • AT&T Internet

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in America, AT&T is a well-established name when it comes to internet service. They also offer a huge variety of plans to choose from.

  • Xfinity

One of the most popular internet providers used as an alternative to Starlink is Xfinity. With a tradition of over 20 years, Xfinity is known for its high-speed internet access delivered over satellites in over 25 states. There are various additional services offered, such as phone, TV, or home security, which helped the building of the brand and high-quality customer service reputation.

  • Telesat

Another well-known Canadian company that runs over 10 geostationary satellites. Similarly to other platforms, it keeps the focus on businesses rather than on buyers. Telesat announced its first Lightspeed satellites launched at the beginning of next year.

  • CastleNet

CastleNet belongs to the group of popular satellite internet providers across America. Although recognized for its high-speed access to the internet it provides for its customers through satellites globally, it does not fit everyone equally. However, there is no doubt that it will serve as a great alternative to StarLink with even more flexibility and privacy ensured.


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Although Starlink is a dominantly used internet service provider, there are some alternatives if you are not a fan of it. The platforms discussed in this article will hopefully help you pick the right one according to your needs because they are the best-evaluated Starlink alternatives available. As you might have noticed, in some aspects of their rivalry with Starlink, the internet providers discussed above will perform even better.

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