5 Best Webinar Software Platforms of 2022 – Make Your Webinars Memorable

5 Best Webinar Software Platforms of 2022

One of the main issues of running an online business is that the interactions between employees are cold and impersonal. Due to the long distances or unexpected quarantines, employees lack a natural socializing factor. This issue is mitigated in smaller companies as they have tighter-knit social groups. But when it comes to large companies that need to train new employees and communicate with them constantly, regular contact is rare and challenging. 

The best way to avoid a lack of communication and make communication successful is through webinars. Webinars give employees a more relaxed setting to communicate in that doesn’t have the formal restrictions of forums or emails. In the simplest terms, possible webinars are just online seminars. They have small groups of employees join a platform where they talk, resolve issues, and learn new skills.

And to ensure you have an easy time hosting webinars, here are the best webinar software platforms in 2022.

1. Livestorm

Livestorm landing pageIf you’re looking for software that focuses on live events and product demos, Livestorm is your perfect tool. You can stream and record your webinars so that your participants can review and share their findings. And in case you don’t have the time to run a live seminar with Livestorm, you can prerecord your events. But to keep up the engagement, you can still integrate live chat, polls, and Q&A sections.

After each webinar, you’ll receive a report with attendance analytics and source tracking to ensure you have the perfect attendance. This feature is ideal for any employer that requires mandatory education. That being said, your attendees will need to be careful as they won’t be able to reenter once they leave.

2. Demio

Demio landing pageBeing a newcomer in a field is always challenging. Setting up your business while simultaneously trying to catch up with your competitors is like racing a nuclear submarine with a rowboat. That’s why you need tools that are simple and easy to use. And when it comes to webinar software, Demio fulfills the newcomer-friendly role perfectly. It automatically stores your webinar recording so that you can review and improve upon it instead of forgetfully losing it after the seminar. 

Demio was designed with an interface that is easy to navigate no matter your skill level. With it, you can even monitor polls live. Your attendees can learn new skills or socialize through webinars, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from learning. Demio offers powerful analytics to improve your teaching skills and materials continuously.

3. eWebinar

eWebinar landing pageHaving reliable webinar software that covers the basics is good. But it could be better. That’s why eWebinar integrated a private chat system into itself. With such a comprehensive chat system, your attendees can communicate privately, help each other study, and crossreference their notes. And if you need your webinar held over a more extended period, eWebinar offers a recurring schedule setup that counts in the local time zones of all your attendees.

This is perfect if you’re trying to run your business globally with remote work. No longer will your employees need to adjust their plans due to time zone errors. And if you have a lot of potential attendees, you can create webinar sessions on-demand.

4. Zoom

Zoom landing pageHow can we talk about webinar software platforms without mentioning the big Zoom? This excellent platform singlehandedly saved social interactions from an ongoing pandemic. From social gatherings to school exams and job interviews, Zoom managed them all for a while. You gain instant access to HD audio and video screen sharing, and you can communicate with your viewers with minor to no latency.

And if you’re tight on cash, Zoom offers a free plan that can hold a maximum of 100 people in classes for as long as 40 minutes. Not only do you have all your events and classes saved for later viewing, but Zoom is also compatible with all platforms, so you needn’t worry about accidentally excluding someone due to technical difficulties.

5. Google Business Hangouts

Google Business Hangouts landing page

Speaking of tech giants, Google has its claws in the webinar software business. With Google Business Hangouts, they can seamlessly integrate webinars into your Gmail accounts (that most people use for business anyway). And if you have a massive audience, you can stream your webinar to Youtube, thus increasing the attendee capacity to near-infinite levels. It’s completely free to use, and it has a very stable connection due to its Google servers.

The only downside is that you need a Google account to use it but considering making the account and using Google Business Hangouts is entirely free, the downside is negligible primarily.

6. LiveWebinar


LiveWebinar is a cloud-based solution with superior screen sharing, live video streaming, and recording features, plus customized branding, social media broadcasting, and audience engagement analytics.

It’s a top-quality platform for video events and webinars that is chosen by thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Knowledge acquisition and learning are some of the most important aspects of life. And with growing globalization, people will gain access to new jobs and career opportunities. So why don’t you use these webinar software platforms to enhance the lives of your employees, students, or even loved ones?

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