Why is AngularJS So Popular and in Demand for Business?

Why Is AngularJS So Popular and in Demand for Business?

AngularJS can be an ideal platform for creating hybrid apps. It is a client-side technology that offers a powerful way to get practical things in a way that embraces but also extends HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this short guide, you will learn why AngularJS is so popular and in demand for business. 

However, AngularJS is considered a well-known framework with essential and unique features. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that helps you develop web and mobile applications. This tool is amazingly extensible and works well with other libraries. All the features of AngularJS can be modified or replaced to suit the business’s unique development workflow and feature needs. It is also a brilliant way to extend your HTML vocabulary for the application. The outcome of AngularJS is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

Reasons That Make AngularJS So Popular and Demanding

In recent years, there has been a lot of debate and opinions that the popularity of AngularJS is growing daily and that it has become the most demanding platform for JavaScript frameworks. However, the stats reveal that Google creation has been consistently downloading during the past couple of years due to its great benefits. The AngularJS community is also constantly growing, which means more support and resources are available when learning code through the framework of Google. Here are some of the great reasons that will make AngularJS the most popular and demanding for business.

Create Single-Page Applications

Nowadays, single-page applications and websites remain in need since they build the impression of communication with the standard program of the individual. Using AngularJS, you can move the central performance to the web browser. Adding software helps with and speeds up the developer’s job without downloading. On top of that, this feature will also allow you to create hybrid mobile applications quickly.

Backed by Google

There is no doubt about it that Google is one of the most trusted and widely used search engines. So, there is no better way to build web-based applications than by using a source code that is accepted and backed by Google. Implementing the code and uploading the app becomes straightforward because sometimes you have to make specific changes and weaken the app to ensure it runs perfectly on a particular browser. Most Google apps are built using AngularJS, which shows how Google plans to stick with it and expand the Angular ecosystem further.

Provides Complete Services

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Indeed, AngularJS doesn’t have a stiff structure. Still, it is also true that it has a certain number of components for transmitting like UI-router or ng-table, UI-grid, whereby dealing with tables and graphic elements are streamlining. In this scenario, the function of these components is the entire wheelchair and independence. However, the parts can operate independently from each other.

Easy Testing

Testing is one of the most complex parts of developing applications, so developers cannot skip testing. Of course, the app’s efficiency can only be determined after testing is done. Therefore, it is crucial to pay special attention to testing. The only problem is that testing takes time and going through everything can be confusing.

Instead, using AngularJS will make the whole testing process super easy because the code can be separated, and testing is done automatically. The one-file one-module principle is generally used, but developers don’t need to follow this process and start with any desired module while using Angular JS.

Easily Maintain Code Consistency

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There are thousands of lines of code that developers have to deal with to ensure that all the components and modules are ideally generated, but this code should be consistent. Consistency is the most necessary thing any business needs because the app’s efficiency entirely depends on the code itself.

However, the developers might build all the features very carefully and flawlessly, but a simple glitch opening the app can cause the whole app to crash. Code consistency should be maintained to ensure this doesn’t happen. Using AngularJS, you can easily keep and look after code consistency. All the components are listed perfectly, and the functionality of various parts of the code is straightforward to understand.

Provide Great Data Security

Security is the most important factor while working on creating an application. AngularJS lets the developers use the data-centric approach and store data in the most secure place that can’t be accessed without proper authorization. However, different features work towards ensuring data protection. So, hacking into the application can become impossible if all these features are used, and privacy can also be maintained.


There are several reasons why AngularJS is so popular and in demand for business. Some of them are mentioned above. However, AngularJs provides different options for the developers, and working on developing a complex web application becomes much more feasible with the help of Angular.

Businesses that are just getting started with developing applications can also work on Angular. The interface is well developed, so they can get a grip on coding and development without struggling.

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