What is Brand Awareness?

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand recognition is a big part of most parts of marketing. Even though brand awareness significantly affects what people buy and how they use it, it’s important to know what is brand awareness. How people think about brand awareness is still a mystery. It was shown that two different types of brand awareness affected how consumers thought. For this experiment, researchers used pictures of women and images taken with phones whose brands were well-known or not so prominent. A changed version of the oddball task was made, with pictures of girls as targets and pictures of phones as non-targets. 

Participants were shown pictures of women and had to figure out which ones they were. The ERPs N2 and P3 parts were smaller than those with less brand awareness, which led to these conclusions. The change in the amplitude of N2 and P3 showed that these processes changed as brand awareness went up, showing that customers could instinctively decide how much attention to give to products with high or low brand awareness. 

Event-related potentials may be an excellent way to measure brand awareness because they can determine how brand awareness affects identification and attention distribution. A brand’s ability to be recognized is referred to as brand awareness. Whether you’re putting out a new product or giving an old one a new lease on life, you need to get the word out.

How does Brand Awareness Works?


Customers are more likely to buy a product or assistance with a solid brand identity. Customers are more likely to choose a well-known brand over an unknown one if they have the choice. It is shown well by soft drinks. Many soft drinks are hard to tell apart when you take them out of their boxes. Industry heavyweights such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi rely heavily on brand recognition. Because of their marketing efforts, customers have become more familiar with these brands, which has increased sales.

Awareness of a Brand vs. Recognition of a Brand

When you look into brand awareness, you might come across the term “brand recognition.” Marketers often use these two words as if they were the same. Despite this, the two are very different. Brand recognition is a single word that describes how your target market sees and remembers your brand. In this strategy, the name, colors, logos, and symbols play a part. Long story short, brand awareness is all about how your business looks. Brand recognition is an even harder idea to get your head around. It refers to the most critical parts of your business, such as your unique value proposition, corporate culture and reputation, and the features and benefits of your products. 

How may a Brand be Made More Widely Known?

A brand’s ability to be recognized may be seen in various ways. It’s perfect; you’ve got it. It’s a psychological phenomenon with many sides that can be explained differently (and measurements). Building brand awareness means getting people to remember either good or bad things about your company. It’s easy to see that brand awareness includes your company’s name and how it makes people feel when they hear it. Then, we’ll talk about why brand recognition is essential in general.

Recognition of a Brand


A customer should be able to tell what the brand stands for just by hearing its name. It depends on you. Grab a friend and say “Fanta” or any other brand name to start. They have brand recognition when someone can tell you what a particular company makes or sells, like Fanta’s outstanding line of fizzy drinks.

Brand Recall

If you remember a product or service by its name, you have a good brand recall. When a person gives a brand name in response to a question like, “What soft drink brands do you know?” this is called “aided brand recall.” Unaided brand recall means being able to name a brand or its products without being told.

Top of Mind

When asked to name a brand in a specific category, “top of mind” is the first one that comes to mind.

Visual Branding

Visual branding is when a buyer can recognize a brand without knowing its name because of how it looks. The “look and feel” of a brand, like its colors, pictures, symbols, and packaging, is more important than its name when it comes to visual branding.

Brand Dominance

Dominating the market is the top level of brand recognition. When a customer can only name one brand from a specific category, this is called “brand loyalty.”


Brand awareness is a strong but vague idea that can affect your marketing efforts, how customers see you, and how much money you make. If you follow these tips for building and increasing brand recognition, you’ll know what brand awareness is. And can have a loyal customer base that knows your brand, prefers your products and tells their friends and family about your products.

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