Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

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You should know about web design trends that they don’t just happen. They’re born out of the need to respond to user needs and demands over time. For example, the need for inclusivity and accessibility regulations is the reason for considering accessibility in web design and development.

Also, users’ shift from computers to mobile devices has contributed to today’s responsive web designs. In addition, advancements in technology also contribute to shaping these trends. Ultimately, the changes in web design trends are meant to make websites more appealing, usable, and improve functionality.

Look at the trends that you might see in 2022 and some tips on how to get a head start on setting the direction of those trends.

Smart Content Loading

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A successful website relies heavily on the satisfaction of its visitors. However, most websites fail in this front due to heavy graphical and third-party elements that slow down the sites. Fortunately, there’s a way to create a website that loads only what the user needs to see.

You can speed up your website by incorporating it into your development strategy. Additionally, you’ll be able to make more efficient use of your resources and see a higher return on your investment, thanks to it. For years, the most popular social media platforms have employed this strategy.

Low Light UX and Dark Mode Options

Another modern web design trend is dark mode and low light user experience. To enable users to make the most of their experience in low-light conditions, many mobile and desktop operating systems now offer the option of a dark mode. This new look is quickly displacing the traditional white and bright designs.

Now, this trend is moving to website designs. This includes its use in features like video, streaming services, and other web-based products that web visitors are likely to view in low-light environments. One good example is Netflix’s which features a black background to avoid being too bright in a dark room.

Improved Accessibility Design

Accessibility design is no longer just a trend but a crucial design requirement that you may understand more if you talk to ADA website compliance consultants. There is a growing need for web design to consider the needs of people with disabilities.

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Having an easy-to-navigate website is more than just a part of providing excellent customer service and an excellent experience for visitors. It has the potential to increase sales, boost your search engine rankings, and expand your audience.

Some of the elements that matter in accessibility design includes the following:

  • Text and backgrounds should have a strong visual contrast.
  • The addition of focus indicators, such as the rectangular outline that shows up around links when using the keyboard;
  • Form fields should have labels and instructions instead of meaningless placeholder text.
  • Video and audio files should have corresponding alternative text
  • A site should be accessible using accessibility tools

Improved Chatbot Interaction

The use of chatbots in website layouts is on the rise. By providing visitors with a quick answer to their questions and providing a way to collect information, chatbots increase website conversions. Because of the conversational nature of chatbots, customers can easily ask questions about where to find products or how to return them.

Using a chatbot, you can set it to answer your most frequently asked queries. For questions that the bot can’t answer, visitors are referred to a live agent, or their contact information is collected so that someone can follow up.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for design trends that make websites easier to use and more likely to convert visitors as machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies advance.

Inclusivity in Web Design

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As with accessibility design, website design trends for 2022 will continue to reflect the importance of inclusivity as the world shifts its expectations. A look at the Section 508 compliance website checklist shows a greater emphasis on digital inclusion. This includes inclusive content and language, such as using alt text for images.

It also involves improving the legibility of content with the font, font size, and font color considerations on the web page. In addition, the content organization and flow will be more gender-neutral.

Instead of making assumptions about how people will use their products or services based on gender, some websites won’t even have gender categories.

There has already been significant progress in 2021 in terms of websites including a wider variety of body types, ethnicities, and disabilities in their image selections. In the coming year, this will also become more commonplace.


If you’re overhauling, improving, updating, or building a new website this year, you might want o look at the design trends above so that you can stay up to date with what’s trending in terms of web design. Consult web development and design professionals to know your options.

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