6 Must-Have Digital Tools for Students

6 Must-Have Digital Tools for Students

These days, learners are struggling with various things. They have to be productive to perform better and earn good grades. They must do their best to attend classes, complete their assignments, and get some free time to have fun with their peers. In order to maintain a balance between their education and social life, students are continuously searching for tools and apps to assist them. 

The Best Apps and Tools to Optimize Learning

Fortunately, to score better grades, you do not have to sacrifice most of your time completing assignments. You can work efficiently without disrupting your social life with the right productivity apps. In fact, with so many online tools and apps today, attending school and college has become stress-free and fun. Let’s look at some tools that come in handy.

1. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is a popular app for instant scans using your cell phone camera. You can synch Microsoft Lens with OneNote and OneDrive. It helps you scan multiple documents, including texts, drawings, and photos, and then saves them on the cloud or your device. It even converts handwriting into text. Want to take an image of your whiteboard? The app allows you to turn it into a Word, PDF, or PowerPoint document. 

2, Motion

Motion is a productivity app that will help you to stay focused on what matters. Motion integrates with Google Drive, thus making it easy to search through documents and files without logging into multiple platforms. 

Do you have a group discussion coming up? Well, you can use this app to plan it out. Motion integrates with your calendar, making it easy to manage meetings. It will show you when your schedule is busy and when you might have some free time. 

Do you get distracted easily? The app helps eliminate distractions that slow down your work, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit. This way, your focus stays razor-sharp.

3. Evernote

Taking notes has never been easier. Whether you decide to use Evernote in your browser, desktop, or mobile device, without a doubt, you’ll have a great experience. This app’s features go beyond your typical note-taking app. Use Evernote to organize notes, embed images, create lists, and more. Cross-device syncing implies that you will always have the most updated notes.

Similarly, for students who want to maintain a clean and organized digital workspace on their Mac, learning how to organize desktop on mac can be incredibly beneficial.

4. DeepDyve

Being a student is not an easy task. It requires both money and time. For instance, you must quote various authors’ works to complete a single assignment. Unfortunately, renting journals from one publisher isn’t enough. And if you are not affiliated with a college, getting access to complete journals is very expensive.

Fortunately, DeepDyve makes the process much easier as well as affordable. Of course, you know that an abstract isn’t enough to understand the whole article. Having an account with DeepDyve gives you access to articles for around five minutes daily. Also, they offer a paid version for a better experience.

5. A Proxy Server

Writing quality essays is not easy. You must do a lot of research. While researching, you might find a geo-restricted journal to help you complete your task. This is where a SOCKS5 proxy server comes in handy. 

A proxy refers to an intermediary computer retrieving information from the web on behalf of a user. Proxy servers can help you gain access to geo-restricted articles or journals, which can be helpful while writing an essay. Additionally, a proxy can help you browse anonymously, thus enhancing your data security. Feel free to visit IProyal.com to learn more about proxies before you get one.

6. Toggl

This time-tracking app will keep you on track and focused, especially when working on large assignments. The Toggl app is easy to use and allows you to label time blocks accordingly, depending on projects and classes. You’ll get a weekly email letting you know how much time you spent on specific areas. For instance, if you spend most of your time idling on your laptop, the app will notify you to remove the time block.


These are some of the top student apps out there. These tools will undoubtedly bring your learning to the next level, making studying fun and exciting. Feel free to use any or all of them – you won’t regret it!

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