Testing Flutter Applications: Tools, Benefits and Challenges

Testing Flutter Applications Tools, Benefits and Challenges

Flutter is a free, open-source development kit (SDK) developed by Google for creating mobile apps. In other words, using Flutter, you can create a mobile app for two platforms (iOS and Android), using the same language and common code.

Cross-platform apps are a long-standing dream of any business, because separate (native) apps for iOS and Android are significantly more expensive to develop and maintain.

Cross-platform Can Be Different

In simple terms, a cross-platform is a set of tools (framework) that allows you to create an application that is suitable for both iOS and Android. At first glance, it sounds great. In fact, each framework has its own capabilities and limitations.

Autotest in Flutter

Flutter is remembered when you need to quickly make a beautiful and reactive application for several platforms at once, but how can you guarantee the quality of the “fast” code?
You will be surprised, but Flutter has the means to not only ensure the quality of the code, but also to guarantee the performance of the visual interface.

Widget Testing

Widget test checks a single widget. It can also be called a component test. The purpose of the test is to prove that the widget’s user interface looks and interacts as planned. Testing a widget requires a test environment that provides the appropriate context for the widget lifecycle.
The tested widget has the ability to receive user actions and events, and react to them, and build a tree of child widgets. Therefore, widget tests are more complex than unit tests. However, like the unit test, the widget testing environment is a simple simulation, much simpler than a full-fledged user interface system.

Widget testing allows you to isolate and test the behavior of a single visual interface element. And, remarkably, perform all the checks in the console, which is ideal for tests that run as a CI/CD stage of the process.

Unified Code Base in Flutter Reduces Testing Time

The reason for the bugs may be a vague Terms of Reference, the lack of rendered states in the design, backward compatibility when updating the backup. It is easier to start such bugs, because you need to create twice as many tasks, and this already saves time.

You can search for bugs and check features on the same platform. With a high degree of probability, they are repeated on both platforms, because the implementation is the same.The logic of the new features on both platforms is also the same, since the same code is written. Testing complex processes inside the application is reduced to testing them on one platform and confirming them on another.

If the operation for both platforms need to be delivered to the client on the same day, they are released simultaneously and the QA engineer on the project is alone, there may not be enough time to check for native development: the test cycle must be performed on both platforms separately. When testing cross-platform applications, we save time: regression testing of both platforms takes place within a single cycle.

Why You Should Enjoy Testing a Flutter app?

Firstly, you will be part of a cool community. The new framework is a great advantage, as solving non-standard problems expands your horizons. You will find many interesting and unique bugs that develop the level of your skills and capabilities when testing applications.

At the same time, developers from the Flutter framework community quickly give feedback on identified problems, improve the library and allow you to contribute to the project.

Secondly, you will become a specialist. When working with cross-platform applications, it is important to keep in mind the differences between operating systems and not lose attention to the specifics of the platform. To look for and see differences where they should be minimal in theory, to learn what I have not encountered before-such work increases professionalism.

Flutter is a Step Forward in Your Development

Testing cross-platform applications is not difficult. Sometimes it’s even faster and more convenient than working with native ones. All the difficulties that can be encountered do not overlap with the convenience and advantages.

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