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Drinking beer brings people together in a way that other things can’t, and this is true whether you’re at Oktoberfest or your favorite local sporting event. Up to 35 percent of adults in the United States of America choose beer as their go-to alcoholic beverage. The beer drinker in your life deserves to be appreciated with fun gift ideas for beer lovers.

Birthdays, holidays, and special celebrations are all perfect opportunities to find the best beer koozies and other liquor gift ideas. Shopping for beer gifts can feel daunting if you’re not an expert, but luckily, you’ve found the perfect guide to learning all about the best gift ideas for beer drinkers in your life.

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Shower Beer Holder


The shower beer can only be fully understood if you’ve enjoyed one yourself after a long day, preferably in hot weather. You’ll never find a more refreshing experience with any other drink option. Getting a shower beer holder is the perfect gift for beer lovers who enjoy the leisure and relaxation that this unique drinking experience provides.

The beer holder sticks to the wall in the shower and provides a stable and convenient place to store your beer. It will hold cans, bottles, and glasses of wine if you want to change things up.

Double-Walled Chilling Glass

Double-walled chilling glasses are a classy gift that the beer lovers in your life will love. These glasses make it easy to enjoy a perfectly chilled beer when relaxing with friends or family. The middle of the drink will stay chilled while the outside remains frosty.

Keep your drinks in this glass and enjoy them for up to two hours before they warm up. Get a chilling glass with a cork bottom to prevent water damage to wooden table surfaces during your drinking experience.

DrinkTanks Vacuum-Insulated Beer Growler

Bringing the party with you has never been easier than having the DrinkTanks vacuum-insulted beer growler. This growler makes it easy to share your beer with friends and family members at the tailgate, parade, or music festival of your choice. It uses stainless steel to protect your draft of choice while chilling it for a great drinking experience.

Your favorite beer drinker will be the most popular person at the tailgate with this awesome beer gift. Beer stays cold for 24 hours with this growler, and the vacuum system makes pouring easier than ever.

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

The Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler is the perfect gift for beer lovers who enjoy spending time outdoors. Yeti’s rugged coolers hold ice for longer than other cooler brands, and they’re easy to bear-proof if you’re going off-grid. Don’t get deterred by the cost of these coolers, as they’re rugged and will last a lifetime.

They’ll keep your beers and food cold and protected from the elements and some of nature’s largest predators. The Tundra cooler is designed to withstand abuse from a mature grizzly bear. You can trust that this cooler will stand the test of time for your favorite beer drinker.

Custom Beer Koozies

Custom beer koozies are a perfect gift idea for beer drinkers since you can make them fit any theme. A bachelor party or birthday celebration is a great occasion to buy cheap custom koozies for the groom-to-be or the birthday. Don’t stop your creative juices from flowing when you design beer koozies for your favorite beer drinker.

Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Beer toast

Drinking beer in the pool on a hot summer day is the way to live your best life. The Big Bobber Floating Cooler makes it even easier to have a great time in a relaxing setting with your favorite people. It’s one of the best gift ideas for beer drinkers since it combines summer activities, relaxation, and cold beer.

This beer gift idea is perfect if you know beer lovers who have a pool at their homes. It will be a hit at every pool party, and everyone will love having a cold beer in the middle of the pool.

Beer Drop Membership

The ultimate gift idea for beer lovers is a beer drop membership. Each beer drop box is a unique creation with a number of customized beers. Your beer drinker will love each box that arrives at their front door, as they’ll get to try new beers with each month that passes.

They also gain the ability to change the flavors of beers in their beer drop boxes to fit their tastes. Each box has ten different beers from five different breweries. You’ll broaden the horizons of the beer lovers in your life with a beer drop membership for a gift idea.

Outdoor Beer Table

Drinking and barbecuing in the summer go hand-in-hand. One of the best liquor gift ideas to get for your drinking friend is an outdoor beer table that is perfect for the backyard. You can grill, play cornhole, or relax in the sun next to this convenient outdoor table.

It even features an area where you can store your snacks when you’re outside. The outdoor beer table keeps the food out of the reach of dogs and other pets so you can enjoy your time with friends without monitoring your food.

The spike on the bottom of the table makes it easy to plant it firmly in grass or sand. You can bring it with you to your friend’s barbecue or on a road trip to your favorite beach. It’s one of the most versatile gift ideas for beer drinkers in your family.

Start Shopping for the Beer Lovers in Your Life Today

Shopping for beer lovers is a fun pursuit, thanks to the many creative and entertaining liquor gift ideas on the market. Getting a floating bobber cooler for the pool is one of the best gift ideas for drinkers, though a Yeti Tundra cooler is a better fit for outdoor activities. A beer drop membership and custom beer koozies are perfect beer gifts for weddings and bachelor parties alike.

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