Chrome OS Is Getting A New Light Theme

Chrome OS is getting a new light theme

By today, we all are used to the fact that we can switch between light and dark modes. You may thought that Chrome OS is also using this function, but it’s not. Until now, Chrome OS was using a mix of dark and light theme elements across the UI. But that changes now.

Instead of rolling out a dark theme as other operating systems like iOS and Android do, Google is going the opposite way and integrating a new light theme. Taking into account Chromebooks are able to run Android apps, as well as the fact that web apps can also use light/dark mode settings, it was surely just a matter of a time before Chrome OS will add a proper toggle between light and dark modes, as Chrome Story recently reported is coming.

According to 9to5Google, some elements are still in ‘dark mode’. Especially the shelf, quick settings tray and app drawer. Though the light theme is still evident in places like the file manager and settings page.

While Google is trying to bring a light and dark theme toggle to Chrome OS, there’s no information when these features will be available for users. As Android Police notes, Chrome OS previously featured a dark theme, but faulty code caused some Chromebooks to be unusable. Hopefully, there will not be any such issues with the newest changes.

Enabling Chromebook users to choose between light and dark themes should improve usability. Having a mix of dark and light themes, as Chrome OS currently does, not only shows a lack of consistency but takes away users choice. Some people may find difficult to see when the dark mode is on, while other people’s eyes may become tired very fast when the light mode is on.

The exact release date of this feature is not yet known. But we will look forward to see new updates.

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