4 Thrilling Job Incentives That Boost Employee Morale

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Keeping employees around is hard when you don’t give them a reason to stay. This is especially true if money is the only motivating factor since plenty of places exist to make money.

This is a big reason why 49% of employees will leave their jobs in the next 12 months because of a lack of perks.

Giving your employees a reason to work at their best is one of the best ways to increase productivity — and job incentives are the perfect way to do that. Let’s look at four employee incentives that will boost worker morale and help you accomplish more each day.


  1. Cash Bonuses

Cash is one of the easiest and most effective ways to encourage your team. Even if someone has more than they need in life, the chances are good that cash is helpful for entertainment or usable for investments.

Tie your cash bonuses to great performance. If your company receives more profit because of your team’s work, they should be able to take advantage of the added growth.

  1. Recognition Program

One issue many people have in their jobs is that they don’t feel seen. They may have worked behind the scenes for years without anyone acknowledging their efforts.

That’s why recognition programs are so important. They offer your business a chance to recognize the people behind the scenes and highlight their work.

Try to generate reports about each person’s accomplishments and how they helped the company succeed. You can then narrow down the people with the most impact and give them the recognition they deserve.

  1. Team Activities

A connected team is one of the best things to have in your work culture. People who work well together will turn to each other for help and be able to get more done.

Unfortunately, some team members may not get the chance to connect with their teammates. They spend their time with their heads down working.

Putting together team activities when your organization wins gives those people a chance to connect. It will help your team come closer together, and as a result, work better.


  1. Professional Development

Countless people don’t want to stay stuck in the same job forever. They want to grow in their career and take on more challenging projects — and of course, make more money.

Professional development is a vital perk to offer if you want to attract and retain talent at your organization. Give people a chance to learn new skills on the job and advance into higher roles. This will keep people around who have your company’s best interests in mind.

Combine this with wellness programs to help people stay healthy, and you have a winning perk package. Have a look at this wellness program to learn more.

Implement Job Incentives Today

In a world where employees are more dissatisfied with their jobs than ever, it’s hard to get the most from your team. People don’t feel appreciated and don’t want to work for companies that don’t care about them — which is why you must do everything possible to change that perception about your business.

Adding job incentives to your business will help this process. Give your team a reason to work hard for you, and you’ll see them produce more and help grow your company. Research which employee perks you can add today and offer them to your team.

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