Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers?

Why You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers?

Social media success is the most valuable marketing tool that a company has these days. In addition to this, Instagram is becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to growth and generating business. So, buying Instagram followers can be very tempting to boost your follower count fast. However, the sudden surge in Instagram followers sounds appealing, but in reality, it is not a good idea to buy followers. There are various reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers, and in this article, we share some of them. 

The purchased Instagram followers are likely bots or inactive Instagram accounts, so that they won’t engage with your posts. Therefore, your posts won’t show up on Explore Pages on the newsfeed of your actual audience. Moreover, it will also make it very difficult to measure metrics. 

Purchased Instagram Followers Bring Spam With Them

Most of your purchased Instagram followers are indeed entirely fake, and others are fronts of spam. When your purchase these fake followers, you widely open up your Instagram account to buckets of spam spots. However, this may not just be on your account, either. 

If you share your email address when purchasing the accounts, you are providing another opportunity for these people to spread their spam. These spammers now have complete access to your followers to deliver your spam. Some of your real followers will follow them also, and when they know about the quality of these accounts, your genuine followers may unfollow you.

Destroy Your Credibility as an Influencer

Buying Instagram followers can initially seem like a sneaky shortcut to Instagram success. It is how any company that could potentially hire you will look at things. However, fake followers are easier to recognize than you may realize, especially when you know what you are looking for. Of course, if you resort to purchasing Instagram followers, it is always doubtful that you are a genuine influencer. Authentic influencers build their following list organically, although they know it takes time. However, the real danger is that you will lose all your credibility if you try and take shortcuts. 

Fake Followers Means No Engagement

Man with tabletPlease don’t believe that you’ll get genuine engagement from purchased followers for a second because sometimes they are nothing more than fake bot accounts. You can hope the best engagement from these accounts is just an automated “nice post” comment. It is especially very important for anybody who fancies themselves as an influencer. Any company that wants to work with influencers will check out the validity of an “influencer” before they decide to work with them. 

If you want to be a significant influencer, then it is essential that you have to influence the behavior of your followers. If your followers don’t engage with you, you can’t affect them in any way. Just like that, if you operate an account of a brand, you will have little use for followers who never engage, check, share or read any of your posts. Purchased followers will never see anything you post. 

Get Inappropriate Bot Comments From Purchased Followers

Sometimes you will get the comments from your purchased followers, but they are in a completely different language to yours. These comments are useless because you will not know what they want to say. One common strategy with bot accounts is to create generic comments on your posts. Sometimes you might be unable to differentiate between fake and genuine words. An occasional problem with these generic comments is that they are inappropriate for the particular post. 

Buying Followers Is Against The Instagram’s Terms Of Services

Instagram actively discourages people from buying followers. They will not only purge the purchased followers but also reserve the right to suspend the accounts involved in this practice. Of course, it will be poor for the credibility of your Instagram account if you are suspended for engaging in dodgy practices. Initially, Instagram warns you when they suspect you of dishonest practice, but they will take serious action against you the second time. 

You won’t Earn Money or Recognitions Using Fake Followers

One of the main questions is why you would spend money on such actions. Of course, whether real or fake, these people will not purchase your products either. They will not also refer people to you. If you hope to be an influencer, brands will choose not to work with you if you purchase Instagram followers. Brands will not select their influencers based on their number of followers only. 

There are some other tools available to help brands. The platforms and agencies are selective about who they take on their books, and they don’t want to be stung by working with fake accounts. On the other hand, if you are a brand, there is little point in falsely boosting your company account numbers because none of these people will come to your site and purchase your product.


The reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers are mentioned above. Purchase Instagram followers are mainly not accurate. Therefore they will not only hurt your credibility but also go against Instagram’s terms of service.

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