Waud: Simple Web Audio Library with HTML5 Fallback

Waud is a powerful web audio library. It comes with support for HTML5 audio fallback for non-modern browsers that do not support the Web Audio API. 

Waud: Simple Web Audio Library with HTML5 Fallback


Waud comes with support for Web Audio API that lets you control the audio capabilities of your web apps. This makes Waud consistent, reliable and scalable across different platforms and settings.

Waud plays well with almost all modern web browsers. Plus, it has been tested with different platforms, including Android and iOS. It comes loaded with almost all the standard features that one can expect from a web audio library: audio sprites, auto mute, support for iOS audio unlock, base64 decoding, etc. Waud has no external dependencies.

Waud: Simple Web Audio Library with HTML5 Fallback

Major Features

Waud supports base64 decoding for all major web browsers (including Internet Explorer 9). This means you can use it to generate base64 encoded JSON files, and even combine or pack multiple sounds within one JSON file. This works pretty much like an audio sprite.

Basically, Waud works by combining multiple audio files into one JSON configuration file. The said config file contains the details of each audio, thereby letting you work with audio sprites.

Since base64 decoding works seamlessly well across different browsers, and is reliable, Waud as a web audio library and its API are pretty much universally compliant.


Waud is open source and comes with an MIT License, and is well documented. The best part about it is that it offers HTML5 web audio fallback. Now, it is pretty common now for Web Audio API to work well across most devices. However, Waud keeps on the safer side with a fallback mechanism. HTML5 web audio means this particular web audio library will work well even on older browsers that may not play well with modern APIs.

All said and done, Waud is a powerful and useful web audio library that you should surely give a try if you wish to do something extra with HTML5 web audio features.

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