Simple Typography: Free Typography Boilerplate on SASS

Simple Typography is a free typography boilerplate based on SASS and Grunt. It can be used to improve line heights, font sizes, margins and padding and provide you with better typography for your projects.  

Simple Typography: Free Typography Boilerplate on SASS


Simple Typography claims to make “the type on your blog beautiful with ease”. Essentially, it relies on SASS variables to calculate stuff such as padding, margins, font sizes and line heights, etc.

Simple Typography comes bundled with a set of SASS files to help you get started. It is fully open source and licensed under the terms of MIT License.

What’s Included?

The following SASS files:

  • style.css for typography styles and settings.
  • _mixins.scss provides REM mixin to calculate font sizes and Transition mixin for hover effects.
  • _reset.scss is just the CSS Reset file.
  • _demo.scss offers a layout for the demo.

In addition to the above, there is an index.html file that offers the markup to showcase the abilities of the Simple Typography boilerplate.

Simple Typography: Free Typography Boilerplate on SASS

Note that, as already stated, Simple Typography is based on Grunt and you will need to run the grunt command after cloning the repo.


A good typography boilerplate can come very handy for adding better-looking type to your web projects. While we do have interactive content taking up the bulk of web pages nowadays, be it video, audio or images, the role of words is still undiminished.

As such, you can never underestimate the importance of good-looking typography on websites, even more so on blogs and news sites.

Simple Typography, therefore, is a handy and helpful typography boilerplate that simply does its job as expected. It offers a decent range of typographical markup, such as headers, list, code blocks, blockquotes, paragraphs, and so on. This free and open source typography boilerplate can serve the needs and purposes of most websites and blogs.

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