The Importance of SEO: Does It Really Matter?

The Importance of SEO: Does It Really Matter?

SEO has become one of the most effective marketing strategies available. You work on your website for some time, get results, and receive search engine traffic while ranking high. And when Google gets over 40 billion searches per month, that’s a lot of potential traffic.

The problem is that it takes time for an SEO strategy to work, so it’s not always easy to understand the importance of SEO. Keep reading to learn why search engine optimization is one of the best digital marketing tactics you can use.

Get Free Traffic

Free organic search traffic is one of the most significant benefits of investing in SEO. Your goal is to target keywords people search for on Google and take action to rank for those keywords.

Once you do enough work and Google trusts your website, you’ll be rewarded with front-page search engine rankings. You’ll continue to get free traffic for as long as you remain on the front page.

Of course, you’ll get tested all the time with your competition. However, you can typically take minimal actions in the future to maintain your rankings.

Build Brand Trust

Why would someone trust your company when you don’t appear in the search results for important terms? Most people will look at the top results and stick with those websites. Why should they go to your company when Google doesn’t trust your brand enough to put you on the front page?

You won’t have that issue when you’re on the first page for important terms yourself. It’s a significant trust factor to show up above the rest of the search results. This can add credibility to your website and offer new customers you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Target the Right Part of the Buying Cycle

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It’s hard to get visitors to your website that are in the mood to buy your products. You usually interrupt people when they’re doing other stuff with ads. Most people clicking your ads won’t immediately spend money, which means your ads aren’t as effective.

You know what phase of the buying cycle someone is in when you target keywords for SEO. Because of that, you can optimize your landing pages for the stage of the buying cycle someone is in.

That will help you create more effective messaging and make more sales.

Learn About Trends

You won’t only rank for keywords you target with SEO. You’ll also begin ranking for terms you never tried to write content for in the first place with your blog content strategy.

In many cases, those keywords won’t be worth writing content about. They’re variations of phrases you’re already targeting with content.

However, there are also cases where you’ll discover new terms you didn’t know about before. These are prime targets for new SEO content and can give you an edge over your competition when you find recent SEO keyword trends.

Now You Know the Importance of SEO

You can put in a lot of work without much benefit if you don’t do SEO correctly. However, there are countless benefits if you do things right and shift course when you find out you aren’t doing things correctly.

Now that you know the importance of SEO, you understand why investing in search engine marketing makes sense. Create an SEO strategy today to boost SEO efforts for your website.

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