Doclets: Create Simple JavaScript API Docs

Doclets lets you create simple JavaScript API docs. It is totally open source, and comes with support for standard formats and versioning.


If you have ever wanted to keep your JavaScript API documentation in sync with all the changes that you make to the code, and more importantly, if you have struggled to maintain proper docs for your projects, Doclets is probably the solution meant for you.

In simple words, Doclets helps you publish API documentation easily and without any hassles.

Here is what Doclets brings to the table:

  • You can use both JSDoc comments or Markdown formatting for creating API reference docs. Doclets does not re-invent the wheel, and instead relies on standard formats.
  • There is full support for versioning, as Doclets offers continuous integration and automatically updates your docs for tags and selected branches by means of versioning.
  • Doclets does not rely on CSS or HTML, and a small configuration file is sufficient for it to work.
  • Doclets is free and open source.


Mode of Operation

Using Doclets is actually pretty easy, and here is a video overview to help you get started:

Basically, you need to follow these steps:

  • First up, login with GitHub (in order to grant Doclets permission to install a webhook).
  • Thereafter, you need to add your repository. Note that your code must be JSDoc commented.
  • Thereafter, you need to create a simple .doclets.yml configuration file. Learn more here.
  • That’s all. You can now commit and push your changes as and when needed.


Doclets is a rather handy utility for anyone looking to create simple JavaScript API docs. Since a good number of folks often publish JSDoc commented projects and documentation, Doclets can prove very beneficial.

The only minor catch is that you need to login with GitHub, and as such, if you are not really active on GitHub or prefer using some other service for managing your projects, employing Doclets to create and manage your API docs might not be possible.

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