Book: Learning WordPress REST API

Learning WordPress REST API is a beginner- to advanced-level book. It talks about the revolutionary new WordPress REST API and offers a detailed tutorial about how to get the most of this new technology.

The book is aimed towards both novice and pro WordPress developers. Whether or not you have had any experience with RESTful applications, Learning WordPress REST API can prove useful for you.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use WordPress REST API to read, write and edit posts
  • Create and work with metadata using WordPress REST API
  • Work with both default and custom taxonomies using WP REST API
  • How to add custom routes and build applications in WordPress using REST API
  • Process third-party requests and integrate with external applications and frameworks
  • Make your WordPress projects, themes, plugins and websites ready for the new RESTful API standards

Learning WordPress REST API

Ever since 2015, REST API has taken the WordPess community by a storm. It is a new concept for many WP coders and developers. Among various other things, REST API can help you integrate your WordPress applications and projects with third-party services. Thus, REST API offers great scope for innovation and flexibility if you are coding themes and plugins for WordPress.

The book begins with the basics of REST API, but then quickly moves on to higher topics. You will learn how to issue simple RESTful requests, how to work with RESTful apps, and how to manipulate and edit taxonomies and other meta fields.


  • Author: Sufyan bin Uzayr
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing
  • Year: 2016
  • Pricing: $23.99 (eBook) | $29.99 (Print+eBook) | $29.40 (Kindle)
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